2016 – Racing Beat Year in Review

Racing Beat RX-7 Bonneville Land Speed Record RX-7

The 1986 Bonneville Land Speed Record setting RX-7 is pushed into place at the Racing Beat booth for the Sevenstock 19 event.

It’s amazing how quickly a year flies by! Once the spring thaw unfolded and car owners started dragging the covers off their cars parts orders started advancing towards their mid-summer peak. Many rotary owners discovered that Mazda has slowly begun to discontinue many of the early pre-1986 rotary engine parts, making it difficult to complete an engine rebuild or restoration project. We’ve realized that here at Racing Beat we have accumulated a treasure-trove of assorted rotary engine components over the years and we’re revamping our Bargain Bin so that we can categorize and label these parts for sale. We’ll likely provide a Mazda part number, brief description, photo and application (if we can determine it!) and place them up on the website in a newly created Bargain Bin and/or Mazda OEM parts category.  More information later, expect parts to start filtering into these sections in early January.

With development rather quiet with Mazda and rotary development, we’ve expanded our Racing Beat product line-up to include components for the new Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-5, and shortly, the CX-3. We’ll continue to offer a wide variety of in-house developed and manufactured exhaust systems and suspension parts, supplementing the product lines with common aftermarket brake, ignition, intake, etc….offerings from select aftermarket vendors.

Sevenstock 19 proved to be an outstanding event, once again hosted at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. Mazda USA and the Sevenstock organizers showed some “rotary love” to honor Racing Beat’s over-45 year association with rotary performance and racing by bring out both the 1986 and 1993 Bonneville Land Speed Record setting RX-7s. It was great to see these two battle-scared race vehicles out of Mazda’s basement and back in a racing environment. The stories behind both of these cars is utterly fascinating, we’ll expand into greater detail on each car in the coming months.

2017 promises to be challenging year full of uncertainly and changes, but we’ll keep pumping out Mazda performance parts to support this performance-driven marque. Motor on!


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  1. rich welsh

    my brother and I do autosols in the uk. much tighter that yours .
    we use a mazda mx5 2.5 vvt 1800cc all ways looking for a bit extra
    spec , up rated ecu , coil overs, uprated springs , h & N sway bars both ends , lightend fly wheel .
    now we are looking to see what moter mods are out there , and will give a increase in bhp/torque
    for a reasonable out lay . any your input is of interest looking for say another 60 ish bhp with out loosing any tourqu . regards rich [welsh]