The Story of the Shop that Dedicated Itself to the Rotary Engine

History056So honored to have Road and Track feature an article chronicling the early days of Racing Beat. We’d be nothing without all the support of the Mazda fans throughout the many years, we’ve certainly had fun along the way. Keep on motoring!

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  1. Hiroshi Tamura

    I just found Jim passed away.

    I worked at RacingBeat for 11years.
    He was always nice to me even who speak little english.
    He taught me a lot of things and those are still my great treasure.
    Onething I regret is I should learn more from Jim.

    I don’t know what word fulfilled my thought.

    Jim thank you very very much and miss you.

    May Rest In peace.

    end message to Mr.Jim mederer

    hi jim tannner
    remenber me?
    i heard jim was seriously sick from oku-san.
    still it was shock to me lost someone i knew.
    i’m glad you are with racingbeat