Mazda Releases First Images of 2014 Mazda6

Mazda has been teasing us with recent video images of the all-new 2014 Mazda6 – front view and c-pillar and rear combination lamp. According to Mazda these images are not the Takeri concept car, but the first glimpse of the all-new Mazda6. It takes many of the KODO design cues of the widely acclaimed Takeri concept car and adds true-to-form Mazda performance. Akira Tamatani, Chief Designer of the new Mazda6, says it best: “The deeply sculpted face with sharp eyes gazing forward, defined by the chrome ‘signature wing,’ instantly conveys to onlookers that this must be Mazda’s new flagship sedan.”

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  1. Kenny Atenza

    Why is that? being overlooked by the Aftermarket Product Companies? Mazda sells as many cars worldwide as BMW, yet we are overlooked! I depend on RACING BEAT and MazdaSpeed..Mazda oiwners are DRIVERS , so lets make some noise and increase selection and availability of aftermarket parts ! Thank you Racing Beat for your efforts. (08 Mazda GT ,type S)